The poiesis of consciousness. The art of reality.The sound of time. We live so that we may live, we live so that we don't die...it's this that defines our minds, we are foolish, we don't want to die without laughing. I think its gravity that keeps us from getting happier, the earth the sun, pulling our good emotions down when we are crazy, evaporating conscious thoughts and showing us darkness when all we need is light. The world finds a nook inside us and slips into us. It's not easy but it stays there till we are full of the light. The light meets the darkness and they speak of the software inside the head filled with shadows, stories and crazy things. The darkness looks like the sun every morning. Its a mad, mad universe and the reason we exist is nothingness. The big question still remains, "What do we do when we encounter beings from distant stars ? "...as i looked at the sky...there was a large white bright moving object and it was moving through the clouds, must have been a UFO... same guys who sai d cheese where are they now...Mah! the rational explanation of almost everything. God is C OMMU nicating with us at frequency that is mysterious.

Only to make matters boring...it dawned on me that we live in a fine tuned absolutely perfect universe...the mystery becomes mysterious ! We've been floating in space since ages...i'm sure there is a reason...(looks like there has always been chips...) !...and since its dark everywhere...looks like the universe 'is' hiding something !Nobody goes thinking about deep space for a long time...even those who went to the moon came back !...i found my consciousness, it's inside me alright...it just needs more coffee. The place where thoughts condense into words...The place where the universe condenses into words...Lost in dimensions and things in space. Time is everything and life is short.The universe seems like a giant puzzle, we cannot yet comprehend it but it is nevertheless beautiful.i dreamt if i found the colours and you were not watching from the stars and you, i would paint you a picture, but the night..... again slowly.....so long as i think of you , may you be happy. Distant echoes of peace, in the mountains of emotions the light of words and colours of consciousness, reflect in the dark dreams of the vast universe of the soul...there is a time warp between being peaceful and really peaceful ....dreams of .....there is no such thing as too much magic...the magic in our world; magic in our heads;magic in our life; logic in our heads; logic in our world; logic in our life. Learning to play with the mind, timeless...


Friends and music,...the silence is the invitation to the concert we are all invited...     if our thoughts are eternal and if every passing moment is not the day, how come there's tomorrow ...no, we're not dreaming now, about dreaming...It's strange. We are looking for ourselves. We are probably all that needs to happen to us when we are looking.We are all united by the soul. It seems like it is different from others but deep inside it is magic. Looks the same feels the same and likes the same songs when no one is there. It flies with the moment it swims with the tides. Every bit of it cries out for the same things that we care about. It is light in the vast dark mortal energy of life. Can you feel it ? Deep inside it's in everything that matters. There is no sun, no earth, nor anybody who is alone because there is no time to be alone, everything is eternal and each thing listens. Whatever it is that is inside us is powerful. It changes the way we look at things, and the way we do things. The fact still is that how can it be present in us all the time and we not know about it. Mystery deepens because we are all the same, so what makes us different. Yesterday was fine...today i'm completely satisfied...words have no meaning...why should we die...we are completely mad why should we be mad...What makes us human.Every time I come close to understanding life the universe and almost everything...I have to wake up ! That moment when things fade into yourself and you can feel that you are alive. Obviously, other wonderful things happened in the big bang, because definitely the earth and the stars weren't the only things..the mystery of the universe is an abstract concept, not physical...it is different for different people and since we exist as only a thought what comes before thinking could be nothing but the thought that we exist as a thought in the  universe only in a different way...    similar thoughts which existed caused fluxctuations {{{}}} and what resulted is consciousness... That moment when things fade into yourself and you can feel that you are alive. We are flowing with time and emotions. The right feelings, the right words, with the right frame of mind at the right time. The moment we want to see what is before us things have changed, everything happens fast. The world is not enough when we want to understand it. The thoughts are far away in the infinity of the edge of the universe. We are conceptual, when things change us we become real, when we observe things we are happy.  The universe is a result of a unique timing of events...we are experiencing everything in different ways... that could be infinity !

Looks like before the universe conspired to happen, everything was cool. Change is the only constant.There is this uncanny feeling that the world will change tomorrow. Happiness is accommodating the change. It's a great feeling to be a new version, distorted, distracted, exhilarated with the eternal weakness of trying to find out what makes us what we are. The soul asks me whatever it wants to, whenever it wants to, most of  the  time I can't reply. It's not that I can't but what does the soul know about the world and what to do with it. It leaves me wondering who has the answers to the things about the world. Why are things like the soul really about anything. Is there really anybody out there. The day we can call the earth, the universe our own is the day we will find peace. There is a life that we imagine. Every day we try to move towards our imagination. It takes a lot of courage to see through the tedious darkness. The adventure of the ordinary. The little things that matter. Conflicts about our lives. It's neatly ordered in our minds. There is another thing that makes our lives worthwhile. It is beyond the ordinary. It is placeless, formless and pure. We cannot see it. We cannot feel it. It is what finally sets you free. The only thing about it is that we long for its desolation. The peaceful echoes of the lost soul. Things which don't change us are not real. Sleep twerp, sleep. (of happiness and despair we have no measure...

some dreams from the world...THINGS: Colour washed like apple and rose,Rows of ladybirds in six toes,The passion fruit,The silly prose,Where it comes from where it goes, Nobody knows.Feathers flight, trailing lights,The summer song won't end this night.GREEN: Life on the lazy grass,Talking to the trees,[the hidden fruit],The monkeys grin :) ,The ocean indeed,The wilderness call,And them leaves all,Quietly in the breeze.BLUE: Oceans bed from far within,The moon clears the pigeon seeds,The baggage van, the suede shoes,Skies again in true fluffy blues.YELLOW: The whistling fire for the coffee brew,The sunshine prayer, Ah, sunflowers too,The painting for the picture frame,The memories for the quiet night,And some of the colours for the painting too...)

terrestrial logic of complexity = extraterrestrial logic of simplicity......The space between the unknown and known contains our universe. The use of mind colors the synchronicity of the imagination. ...so what befalls in all the colours, what happened to black and white, what got the day...what happens at night, if all the colours get mixed up and the painting doesnt seem any clear and reasons don't sound right...the nights are weary and day is away and all that is said and left behind, will you hide the colours, the watch and the feather when the time is right. Pure happiness is everlasting and inner peace is cyclic, unhappiness followed by happiness, the problem of course is distraction from this peaceful cycle...thoughts are dimensionless they can only light the universe, what we perceive can only be an illusion, however the nature of eccentricity can only expand the illusion, we can only become real if we can decipher this eccentricity. The universe is only a beautiful prayer ! How can we think of God if we don't know what to do with ourselves...?

The consciousness of poiesis. The reality of art. The time of sound. The universe is the place where the soul lives.


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